Our organisation was established in Spring 2012 as an informal association of private persons linked by the tragic events of 26.04.1986 in Chernobyl and 11.03.2011 in Fukushima. From the outset, our aim was to co-operate and facilitate the exchange experiences and information on the effects of both disasters between scientific and educational institutions as well as residents of Ukraine and Japan (particularly those from areas affected by the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters). We decided to try and connect societies located thousands of kilometres from one another, with different histories, cultures and languages, to give them the opportunity to exchange information and experiences related to these tragic events. We believe that only true, reliable information coming directly from those who experienced both of these events will help the better understanding of both disasters, better counteract their effects, and help overcome fear, impotence and uncertainty for the future. Together, we can learn a lot from one another and do a lot of great things.

Since our establishment, we have organised dozens of meetings, lectures and trips to the affected regions of Chernobyl and Fukushima. We have also spoken with many key or direct witnesses to these events, recording hundreds of hours of interviews and film materials that are available to our members and other interested persons or organisations.

In 2016, our organisation was transformed into an NGO and has since operated under the name PROFUTURUM. More information on our projects can be found under the INITIATIVES tab.

24.02.2022 marked the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. From the beginning of the conflict, we have been reaching out to help the neediest victims of the war. We are one of the first organizations to have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border to bring urgently needed aid. You can find out more about these activities HERE.